A Sense of Values

The strongest of friendships, and loyalties, are always about values. Values reach beyond ourselves. They are the glue that holds civilizations together.

Put your values first, your character second, and your ego near last; and your values and character will carry the day For you. And soon, others will line up to march with you.

But put your ego first, and you will be tired and alone before the dawn!

  • Liberty
  • Diversity
  • Symmetry
  • Simplicity
  • Economy
  • Conservation
  • Individuality
  • Contemplation
  • Self Reliance
  • Resourcefulness
  • Exploration
  • Experimentation
  • Growth
  • Harmony
  • Awareness
  • Respect
  • Tolerance

Whom will others seek to work and share opportunities and bounties with?

A calm mind is open to a broad set of awareness and memories while excited mind has a narrower view of matters.

A curious mind gathers new information, and thus grows.

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The worship of The Goddess Athena has been documented as being well known and commonly practiced since before the founding of the ancient city of Athens in Greece; and is thus a Traditional and Well Established Religion. It has always emphasized individualism, self reliance, thinking for one's self, and personal responsibility; beliefs which led to the founding of Athens. Comet riders need not apply.

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